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2021 UW Innovation Recap

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THE STAND Pitch Event Presented by WarnerMedia 150
This experiential pitch event highlights an inclusive cohort of storytellers, while connecting artists and their projects to curated potential investors and mentors who can advance forward movement.

Featured Artists:

Travel through an immersive journey where you will experience the projects from creative teams within WarnerMedia 150: The Artist Studio Where Innovation Happens.

Please Bring Your Own Headphones To Fully Maximize The Experience.

Stop by, cut rag, take home a print. Frontline Arts will display and demonstrate art and printing on paper handmade from U.S. military uniforms, as seen in the film THIS IS NOT A WAR STORY, screening at Urbanworld this week. Meet veterans from the film and writer/director Talia Lugacy.

With no powers comes some responsibility. Experience The Extra-Ordinaries, an animated comedy about super heroes and immigration, at our “Con” style comic book booth.

Immerse yourself in the forests of Central Mexico and experience the transcendent power of millions of orange and black Monarch butterflies as they flutter above and around you. If you listen closely, you may also hear their messages to humanity.

The Godspeed experience at Urbanworld Innovation is a vibrant, immersive exploration of this Afro-Futurist thriller by way of cyberspace, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Explore the origins of the UNSENT live show, the fictional TV adaptation, and an immersion into the world of sharing messages we’ve kept to ourselves.

IMAGINING THE FUTURE — Challenging Perceptions Within The Story Worlds We Build
A look into the future, through the lens of two women who are helping to shape how we create the worlds that anchor tomorrow’s storytelling. With the rise of Afro-Futurism and an increasingly expanding view of future focused narratives, content creators are envisioning their creative process in new ways, navigating with innovative insights around setting, characters, cultural nuance, and the communities they build. Two multi-disciplinary artists, on opposite sides of the world, share their evolving work in this space.

Featured Guests:

THE APERTURE OF MENTAL HEALTH — A Focus On Wellness For Creatives Presented by Ally
Emerging from a year inside, many of us have had the opportunity to sit, reflect and yes, meditate. We’ve been turned on to mindful resources to manage mentally, and tuned in to expanding our repertoire of self-care. Digging deeper, how does mental wellness impact creative flow, performance and the freedom to produce artistic works? How does the industry impact mental health; self-esteem, work life balance and successful collaborations? How does the current production environment align with cast and crew self-care needs? Ally joins Urbanworld to present an authentic conversation about navigating stress and success in the industry, and the power of holistic wellness in the creative process.

Featured Guests:

Led by Aki Hirata Baker, Minka Brooklyn

A collective pause. A moment to center, connect, and presence ourselves to breath.


BLACKTAG — Black Art is Black Money
Blacktag is a new Global interactive platform for Black content and creators. The 24-hour interactive content channel celebrates Black culture and the creators that push it forward. They serve alternative audiences with modern branding and innovative content, while giving creators artistic and economic power by providing them with a multi-tiered and monetizable platform.

Featured Guests:


WarnerMedia 150 showcases mainstage presentations by the creative teams behind the experiential installations on display at Urbanworld Innovation.

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