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The City of Wild beasts

Best World Cinema Narrative – THE CITY OF WILD BEASTS

Directed by Henry E. Rincón


Tato is an orphan with no direction, a young rap lover. Together with his friends Pitu and La Crespa, he seeks to resist and find a different alternative to death and crime through the art of hip hop and street rap battles.

Tato must flee his neighborhood. His only option is to leave the city, and live with Octavio, a grandfather, a flower farmer, whom he does not know and who wishes to inherit his farming tradition from the countryside.

Two generations, two ways of life and a continuous sense of loss, death, and loneliness mark Tato’s life.


Director Bio

Born in Medellín, Colombia. He’s a screenwriter, director and producer. In 2011 he created the company Héroe Films to develop and produce films with a high aesthetic and narrative value that focus on social issues. “Hero Steps” was his debut fiction feature film, released in 2016 which has had a successful circuit of international film festivals for children and youth. He is currently promoting the second fiction feature film “The City of Wild Beasts”


Year: 2021
Runtime: 1:36:38
Country: Colombia
Premiere: New York
Note: Press Contact: Press Contact: Henry E. Rincón, Heroe Films SAS,; Sales Agent(s): Paul Hudson and/or Eric Schnedecker, Outsider Pictures,,

Director: Henry E. Rincón
Screenwriter: Henry E. Rincón
Producer: Henry E. Rincón, Ana María Mayo
Executive Producer: Henry E. Rincón, Ana María Mayo
Co-Producer: Carlos Andrade, Pablo Arturo Suárez
Cast: Tato: Bryan Córdoba; Octavio: Oscar Atehortúa; Pitu:Joel Mosquera; La Crespa: Valeria Pérez; Rogelio: Héctor García
Cinematographer: Camilo Monsalve
Editor: Iván Mora Manzano, Raphael Lubczanski
Production Design: Sara Millán
Composer: Sebastián Escofet
Sound Design: Esteban Brauer
Music: Sebastián Escofet
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