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Target: St. louis vol. 1

Best Feature Documentary presented by NBCU – TARGET: ST. LOUIS VOL. 1

Directed by Damien D. Smith


Told through the eyes of then children now survivors, TARGET ST. LOUIS VOL. 1 tells the story of the United States Government conducted secret experiments on unknowing residents of northern St. Louis by spraying toxic chemicals, specifically targeting in on the legendary Pruitt-Igoe complex and surrounding area. The targeted population were predominantly African American residents of low income and these residents within the area are the focus of this film.

Target: St Louis Vol. 1 shares the disturbing and tear-jerking story of how one of many Cold War experiments affected the lives of innocent people of color. The film examines the actions, or lack thereof, of the U.S. Military that extended beyond the guarantees of public safety promised to U.S. citizens under the guise of the Constitution.


Director Bio

Smith’s stage and television credits include the NAACP Theater Award-winning production of “12×9,” and most recently the television series “Snowfall” on Fx Networks  and “The Purge”on USA networks.  His directorial debut short narrative film entitled ABOUT THAT…, a powerful look at love through the eyes of a mentally disturbed young man won the Arts with Impact film Award. 

Smith’s last short film Daddy’s Big Girl won the Gentleman Jack Daniel’s Reel to Real Filmmaker of the Year Awards. 



Year: 2021
Runtime: 58:00
Country: United States
Premiere: World

Director: Damien D. Smith
Screenwriter: Damien D. Smith
Producer: Damien D. Smith, Sinclair Sinner, Emma Jackson, Edwin ‘EdVanz’d’ Morrow, Reesha L. Archibald
Cast: Maria Chappelle Nadal, Ben Phillips, Carolyn Perkins, Sarah M. Barnes, Chester Deanes Jr., Dr. Lisa Martino Taylor, Reese Archibald, Elkin L. Kistner, Willis Lloyd, Benton Smith, Tony Perkins, Dennis Robinson
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