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Our Shag Pad

Best Web Originals  OUR SHAG PAD

Directed by Aldo Pisano


A Cuban ladies’ man has his life turned upside down when the daughter he never knew about, moves into his beloved apartment.

A comedy series taking place in the 1960s. This show explores feminism, Latinx identity, and the civil rights parallels between the sixties and now.

Director Bio

Aldo Pisano is a Latinx director specializing in comedy. He wrote & directed “When the Bomb Drops” starring Golden Globe Winner Rachel Bloom. This project was nominated for an Imagen Award for Best Web Series. Aldo then wrote & directed the pilot, “Granny”, which premiered at HBO’s New York Latino Film Festival. “Our Shag Pad” premiered at the Austin Film Festival and was presented by WB’s Stage 13. Aldo is currently in Sony’s Directors Program.



Year: 2020
Runtime: 8:43
Country: United States
Premiere: East Coast

Director: Aldo Pisano
Screenwriter: Aldo Pisano
Cast: Roberto: Miles Grose; Anna: Anna Salinas; Sunshine: Angela Brown; Chauffeur: Jerry Fischer; Announcer: David Babich
Cinematographer: Grzegorz Gill
Editor: Aldo Pisano
Production Design: Laura Rivas
Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi
Music: (various licensed)
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